A Need for Historiography
A Need for Historiography - Interesting History
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This show isn't generally meant to be about modern US politics, but today I take a look at the speech President Donald Trump gave in Ohio. I think it is important that we understand how we today look back at history and why we need to do it through the correct lenses.

Before There Were Trenches
Before There Were Trenches - Interesting History
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What were the circumstances that led to the First World War.  While most people learn in school that the assasination of Franz Ferdinand is the spark that leads to war, we take a look at the political circumstances before the First World War.

Forgotten Second World War
Forgotten Second World War - Interesting History
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In US schools we never learn about the war between Japan and the different Chinese factions that started in the 1930s.  We take a quick look at the major events.

Modern Day Web of Alliances
Modern Day Web of Alliances - Interesting History
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One of the main reasons often called out for a reason why the First World War was so brutal was the web of alliances.  In this episode we look at today's alliance system that has continued when it originally began in the Cold War.

Fall of the Romanov
Fall of the Romanov - Interesting History
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This podcast was originally a research paper that I wrote for a university class.  I decided to turn it into a podcast.

History is like Marrying Your Sister... Or Cousin
History is Like Marrying Your Sister... Or Cousin - Interesting History
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The original story that started the podcast.  Since posting this podcast I have learned about many more stories that would have gone great with this.  Maybe someday we will post a second episode with updated stories.